You might be wondering about this thing that why I am presenting this topic as a thing to be thought of, there is a perfect reason. Our elders have been teaching us about this thing that if you are healthy, you are wealthy, from the very day we began to sense the things around us. There is a direct connection between health, fitness and our wealth we possess. So let me bring to you some of the basic aspects of “health”.


The definition of the word “health” does not aim at only one particular aspect that is your body. It has a deeper meaning than how it sounds. Health can be defined as a combination of the functional, psychological, &metabolic state of your body. This also includes with itself the way we behave and interact with the people all around us.


The early man surely had no idea regarding any of such aspects. They lacked idea, senses or rather the knowledge about anything. When people began searching and thinking about actually what they wanted, they found a million queries. They got to gather this that they need to have a better form of living. Mendel was one of the renowned researchers of the earlier days who actually gave the basic concepts regarding health, the concept of genetics, which was later popularised to be spread among everybody. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION has proposed a better definition for the term “health” which states that it is the state of being well not only physically but also mentally & socially in respect to the external environment surrounding it.


Researchers, doctors, scientists over the planet have devoted their lives in researching older facts, developing newer ways in order to maintain a healthy& hygienic lifestyle. Researches are being on over the decade in eradicating some of most fatal diseases like polio, hepatitis-B, smallpox, to name a few.There have been also advancements in curing cancers and AIDs, though no particular eradication measure has not been found yet. For spreading the word of health, smaller to bigger campaigns were arranged from place to place each & every year in order to develop healthy community & a safe

Words in the form of gratitude are less to give thanks to those who have labored their minds, their inner conscience to find out some keys to help us improve our body statistics. Science is not only a boon for the technical advancements, rather an important boon in finding and paving ways for utilization of those technologies that have been successful in spotting and finally eradicating the smallest causes of the biggest diseases.