In our daily life, we hardly do find some time to pay heed to our health. But this is a bad mistake. Health is a very important and valuable aspect of life in comparison to several other things that we prioritize. Money can let us buy glittering gold, but once we have left our health to be ignored, everything else is ruined.


Over the past years, it has been seen that there is a drastic change in the education pattern. People are focussing a lot on Health Sciences. Health sciences have been introduced as an important part of education because it has become the medium to generate awareness among the people in maintaining a healthier diseases free community. The sections of science that come under this field include the study of medicine, homeopathy, nursing, psychology, to name a few. In the earlier days, the mortality rate was much higher in comparison to natality but the figures have been reversed these days. The reason behind is a sheer medical advancement.


The social status of a person has always been found to be tightly linked with the health of a person. Not only this, there are also other factors affecting the health. Some of them are the finances, academic sense,community from where the person belongs, skill handling capacity as well as the cultures. The lifestyle of a person deeply concerns with the health of the mentioned subject. Those who practice a healthy & balanced lifestyle viz. properly balanced diet, proper sleep, cleanliness, and health check-ups on frequent intervals are in a far better position. It is a very important thing to be kept in mind that consumption of alcohol, drugs,and cigarettes prove to be very unhealthy habits that end up tolling on the life.


This is one of the most important aspectsoftoday’s life. People are either overstressed or frustrated. But all this begins with normal overloads, work stress which later takes the form of big issues. It is very necessary to check mental stress at the time. These stresses drainboth by draining energy and positive sentiments. Such a condition if is left unchecked leads to a phenomenon called” mental stress”. Some of the vital mental illnesses are schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, mental traumas. Traumas are common with people of any age. Teenagers suffer from stresses of various issues, like study pressures; peer group pressures as well as adolescence related issues.

It is very important to have a deep insight of the factors affecting our body and to know which of the practices suit us while which may prove to have a negative effect. Proper strategies forwell-checked living practices are a very beneficial point to maintain the fitness of the body. When both the physical and mental conditions are perfect at the same time, we can describe it be perfectly healthy.