Otoplasty: How Does It Treat Ear Irregularities?

If in time that the ear feels something unusual, a bit too conspicuous, perhaps a plastic surgery can address the issue. Hence, this is no longer unusual today. There are many people that are having a problem on the ear defects or deformities. This can be helped with a kind of plastic surgery that is for the ear. To be more specific, otoplasty is an ear surgery. When compared to any other plastic surgery methods, Otoplasty is one of the safer medical procedures.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is is a surgical operation for enhancing or restoring the appearance of the ear or ears. Dr Michael Zacharia is a plastic surgeon that performs Otoplasty. The otoplasty surgeon will correct the deformity or defect of the ear. It is done by making an external ear, which is of natural proportions, appearance, and contour. Usually, this is achieved through reshaping, the augmenting or the moving of the pinna's cartilaginous support of the framework. Furthermore, the occurrence of this congenital ear deformities will occasionally overlap with the other medical conditions. Otoplasty denotes the non-surgical and surgical procedures. It is to correct the defects and deformities of the pinna. This includes the following:

  • Reconstructing a deformed or defective ear
  • An absent of external ear
  • Consequent to congenital conditions
  • trauma

Dr Michael Zacharia

Once a patient is in need of this type of plastic surgery, Dr. Zacharia is a trusted professional surgeon. Otoplasty is also known as a cosmetic ear surgery. This is a medical procedure to change the size, position or shape of the ears. Once a person is bothered by how the ears stick is far out from the head.

It works for Children and Adults

Kids with protruding or big ears are often victims of being teased or bullied at school. Once a kid experienced this kind of problem, the correcting the problem by Otoplasty is a wise decision. So, a child will not be endured to psychological trauma. This kind of surgical operation is mostly performed on kids that are aged between 4 - 14 years old. But, it is not uncommon to adults to undergo such procedure. Once an easily noticeable deformity of the ear has weakened self-esteem, then otoplasty can be a way to turn back the confidence. Ear surgery can improve or correct the following:

    • Cupped ear
    • Drooping ears
    • Large ears
    • Lop-ear
    • Microtia ( not fully-developed outer ear)
    • Protruding ears
    • Shell ear
  • Torn earlobes