Hygiene can be also termed as a part of personal health. Some of the healthy practices we begin at our home can prove to be the best at the society level. Some of the basic healthy habits like washing hands, covering food items are very important part of hygiene. So, it can be correctly said that health and hygiene goes hand In hand.


Public health comes from the hygiene that we follow at the basic levels. “Charity begins at home”. When we start dirty or unhealthy practices at our resident, it affects the society. Suppose, a person is regularly letting his toilet unclean, these spreads germs due to stinking, these germs keep moving in the very environment surrounding him. This brings a threat to everybody. There have been often large cases of epidemics that have originated from very small issues. The focus on public health can be drawn by arranging for regular campaigns preaching the word of cleanliness, regular checkups by the municipalities. Large educational programs can also be set up with free vaccination to babies, distribution of condoms to prevent large scale STD’s like AIDS. Communicable diseases do not take time to spread. Public health must also be focussed in hospitals, especially those under Government supervision because these are the worst maintained ones.


In the earlier days, there were lesser risks of suffering from diseases that generated from your field of occupation. But, these days, the number of occupational health problems is increasing. People are becoming more addicted to alcohol and drugs, going for filthy sexual drives. Some of the major occupational health problems include Asthma, Eczema, and skin cancers. These are also communicable to some extent. Moreover, when people are getting bored at their workplace, they are opting for fast foods; this brings obesity which is a burning problem among the youth. Though volunteers are trying their best by supporting the organizations in combating and preaching people, ignorant people turn a deaf ear to all their trials.

Only when we are self cautious regarding our health, our health standards will improve. For a perfect health, one must first of all be cautious about how much he himself is before minding others. Stay fit. Stay happy. If you are following your best practices, your family, your kids, your peer group will be greatly motivated by you.